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Massage Therapy

*Sweet Merry Mint Massage*

This Massage begins with a peppermint scrub to exfoliate the feet, warm towels to remove. Then heated booties are placed on the feet. Next enjoy a peppermint oil stress relieving scalp massage. And going into a full body massage. Chocolate Butter Cream Lotion and warm stone pressure points, all with chocolate aromatherapy

90 Minutes...$130

*Pumpkin Spice Chai latte Massage*

This Massage begins with hot stone massage on the back to relieve sore muscle tension. Next pumpkin spice scrub is worked on the back to exfoliate dry skin then removed with hot towels. The pumpkin spice chai latte body mask is then applied while a full body massage is performed. If you love the pumpkin season, your gonna love this massage!

90 Minutes...$130

*Triple Shot Carmel Coffee Massage*

Legacy's Newest massage is incredible with coffee aromatherapy! Includes a Carmel Coffee Exfoliant, hot towels and hot stones. Topped off with  Vanilla and Spun Sugar Lotion. Sure to delight the senses. 

90 Minutes...$130


This is a luxurious massage that includes hot stones throughout the whole massage including aromatherapy and an upper back exfoliation

90 Minutes ... $130

110 Minutes... $155


Stones are positioned on different points of the body. The massage begins with a chasing of hot and cold stones on different areas as needed by the body. The effects of "just enough" cold are energizing, toning and pain reducing. You will feel invigorated after this massage. All treatments are customized to each individual client.

110 Minutes ... $165

90 Minutes ... $135


This massage relaxes your whole body as hot stones are used through out the massage. This Massage is guarantees deep relaxation.

90 Minutes ... $115

Massage Therapy

What ever you need it to be, deeper pressure or pure relaxation, we have the massage for you.  

Our Pain Eliminating massage is a deeper pressure and is more specific to your problem areas.

The Stress Relieving massage is medium to light pressure and is more for relaxation.

90 Minutes ...$110

60 Minutes ... $80

45 Minutes  ... $60

Cupping Massage

Typically done on the back and is incorporated into your massage session.

60 Minutes ... $90

90 Minutes ...$120

Ear Candling -- $60