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Massage Services

Valentine's Day Special:

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Massage

Anyone will be in love with this massage! Enjoy the delicious scent of chocolate and strawberry body scrub and lotion, topped off with hot stones and warm towels used thru out the entire massage.

90 Minutes $120

The Signature Massage

This is truly a luxurious treatment that includes aromatherapy, hot stone therapy as well as an upper back exfoliation. Enjoy the warmth and luxury of this treatment. This massage will take you into a deeper level of relaxation.

90 Minutes $120

110 Minutes $145

The Stress Relieving Massage

This massage is designed to relax your body, mind and soul. The gliding strokes of this Swedish massage will wash your stress away.

You deserve it!

90 Minutes $105

60 Minutes $75

110 Minutes $140

The Pain Eliminator Massage

This massage addresses your deeper muscles, guaranteed to relieve your aches and pains. Enjoy doing the things you love again!

90 minutes . . . $105

60 minutes . . . $75

45 minutes . . . $60 upper body only

Cupping  Session

An ancient form of alternative therapy where our therapist places special cups on your tissue creating suction. Reduces pain, increases blood flow, reduces stiff muscles, reduces anxiety,

fatigue, migraines and so much more!

75 minutes .... $85

Add cupping to your massage $10 - no extra time added

Back Only with Body Polish and Hot Stones

This service focuses on the back ONLY and includes an exfoliation, a back massage and a moisturizing treatment! This is a deep hydration of the back. WOW!!!!

60 minutes . . . $82

The Hot Stone Therapy Massage

This massage relaxes your whole body as hot stones are used through out the massage. This is a very relaxing massage.

90 minutes . . . $115

The Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Stones are positioned on different points of the body. The massage begins with a chasing of hot and cold stones on different areas as needed by the body. The effects of "just enough" cold are energizing, toning and pain reducing. You will feel invigorated after this massage. All treatments are customized to each individual client.

90 Minutes ... $125

110 Minutes ... $165

Pregnancy Massage

One of the most beneficial times to have a massage is during pregnancy.

Some of the benefits include lower anxiety, decreased back and leg pain, improved sleep, decreased levels of stress hormone norepinephrine.

We will schedule a pregnancy massage for you once you are past your first trimester of pregnancy.

60 minutes ...... $75

Ear Candling

A homeopathic method used to reduce or eliminate minor symptoms, including sinus pressure, headaches and dizziness.

30 to 45 minutes. . . $60

A Treat For Your Feet

A foot wrap, an exfoliation and a foot massage. Your aching feet will thank you for this one!

45 minutes . . . $60

Corporate Chair Massage

Take care of your staff, boost retention and moral by bringing massage therapy into your workplace on a regular basis.

Call for pricing!

Starts at $80 per hour per therapist plus 20% gratuity with a booking of a 2 hour minimum per therapist.

any price difference will be based on travel time